Tailor-made Artisanal Pasta for Your Farm

Traditional and special pasta shapes

You can choose among a large number of shapes for your own pasta brand: paccheri, mezzi paccheri, calamarata, spaghetti ad archetto, rigatoni, mezzi rigatoni, fusilli, caserecce, maccheroni lisci, mezzi maccheroni lisci, sedani rigati, tubetti rigati.


Your pasta will be packed in 0,500kg transparent bags perfectly and safely sealed. Your label can be put on them in the way you prefer: for example it can be stuck on it or it can be fixed through “buttons”.


Sharing reciprocate experiences and expertise is at the base of our co-operation. You can count on our support at each implementation step, from pre-sales to after-sales ones, because we meet your needs with professionalism, commitment and accuracy.

Pastificio Artigianale Giannobile processes the best Italian wheats with your same passion and competence: you can have YOUR fine artisanal pasta, bronze drawn and slowly dried at a low tempetarure, from the invaluable fruit of your harvest.

In co-operating with us you will manage to maximize the intake in YOUR own pasta of physical and nutritional facts related to the crop of the year so giving worth right value to the results you have struggled to achieve.

Manufacuring small semolina’s lots

We can grant you a good number of pasta shapes even manufacturing small quantities of semolina

Variety of products

Siamo in grado di offrire ai nostri Partner una grande varietà di prodotti
utilizzando semole, semolati o semole integrali:
pasta di semola tradizionale, integrale e aromatizzata tutte trafilate al bronzo ed essiccate lentamente a bassa temperatur



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